How to Make Travel Planning Easier 5 Practical Tips

Travel Planning

This useful journal will be a great companion on your journey. Write down information about the locations you have visited and plan to visit, as well as keep track of the list of things to do. Build the right trip itinerary and be happy on your vacation. Check out the collection of printable travel planner templates that are available for free download and will help you organize and plan trip. Click the button below the template of your choice to get free sample via email. Amy Tan is a Travel Planner and the Founder of Planet Hoppers, a boutique travel design team founded in 2002.

  • Your AI-powered trip planner ensures no moment is dull, scheduling exhilarating activities such as sandboarding on sun-kissed dunes or a heart-pumping camel ride through the vast desert.
  • This website allows travellers to book authentic dining experiences with local hosts.
  • All the good stuff happens when you really take the time to explore.

Because there are things you can do to avoid it, and you want to be the one to know. One of my favorite budget tips (by the way, did you know I wrote an eBook with tips to travel on a low budget?) is to get a tax refund when shopping abroad if you have the option to do so. While some stores will do this on their own, plenty of them will use Global Blue for this. DeepL is my favorite translation app, but this is just a matter of preference. Their solution is more accurate than Google Translate, but it covers fewer languages and they don’t offer the offline language option.

How To Save Money On Food While Traveling Solo

This template allows you to add and edit your travel details, such as destinations, transportation, lodging, and what you need to … Read more

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