Get to Know 4 Types of Sunglasses According to their Benefits


Sunglasses are glasses to avoid the sun’s rays. As time goes by, sunglasses don’t only use black lenses, now there are so many other color lenses from blue, green, gray, brown, and even pink and various other colors. Likewise, the types of lenses now vary and can even be purchased with prescription sunglasses online, depending on the needs and choices of the user and of course according to the style that is currently in vogue.

Mirrored Lens

Mirrored lens is one of the sunglasses lenses that have been around for a long time. Called a mirrored lens because the lens looks like a mirror when viewed from the outside. If you wear these glasses, the object in front of you can see its reflection in your glasses. Initially, this lens was popular only for black, then brown, and blue, and now silver, gold, pink, yellow, and various other colors are very popular with both men and women. This lens is suitable for use with any frame and creates a mysterious fashion impression. These lenses can also be used with or without a doctor’s prescription. At this time you can have cheap prescription sunglasses with many choices.

Tinted Lenses

These tinted lenses are semi-translucent. The higher the darkness level, the darker the lenses are so that outsiders cannot see the eyes of the glasses wearer. Tinted lenses are not only fully tinted, but in recent years, gradation-tinted lenses have appeared as well. Gradient lenses take one color at the top of the lens and the further down the level of darkness decreases, so it’s like a clear lens. At a glance, the top half of the lens is colored and the bottom half is clear, colorless. Tinted lenses, they can only be made with a doctor’s prescription if you choose fully tinted lenses and not gradations.

Clear Lens

Clear lenses or plain lenses without color are not only used as sunglasses. However, recently it has begun to be widely used because of new technology that can make clear lenses turn black when exposed to sunlight or UV Lights. So many people use frame sunglasses and adopt lenses with this feature so that indoors they look like normal glasses and when they go outside they turn into sunglasses. Usually, these lenses are more often used by users of prescription glasses or prescription glasses.

Polarized Lens

Polarized lenses are the most popular lenses in recent years. This lens is coated with a special chemical film that can reduce glare. This glare is usually caused by the reflection of sunlight on water or other solid surfaces. Polarized lenses help reduce glare so that they can see objects sharper and clearer. These lenses also help to reduce the harmful effects of UV Lights on our eyes.

Polarized lenses can also be used with a doctor’s prescription, so it doesn’t matter if you need polarized lenses for prescription glasses. Polarized lenses also have a higher price than other lenses in general. Because of that, polarized lenses have a luxurious feel and you can even choose prescription sunglasses designer that are more exclusive.