4 Places You Must Visit On Your Tour To Corsica

Are you planning to visit Europe on your next holiday? Corsica should be among the regions in your travel plan. This French island is a heritage of dense forests, coastal cities, and mountain peaks. It has Natural Park with amazing and rare plant and animal species that will add scent to your holiday.

Also, it is a home of ancient monuments and ruins that date back to the Bronze Age. You visit in this region will offer you an opportunity to interact with history and experience the live of your ancestors. While you can visit any corner of this territory, here are four places you must tour in Corsica:


When you charter a yacht in Corsica, the best place to big your tour is Bastia. This commercial town has many things that will make you enjoy your travel. While in Bastia, you can visit the old town and particularly the imposing church built in the 16th century. You will have an opportunity to view the old structure.

Also, you can walk down the old harbors and enjoy some drinks on the bars and restaurants. If you like getting to the sea, you can catch an array of fishing boats and go exploring as you try a fishing mission.

Shop and wine at Saint Florent

When done with Bastia, you can proceed to Saint Florent. This town offers a range of things for every visitor. Shop for an item that will act as the remembrance of your tour to this port. To enjoy the local vibes, consider having a drink at one of the port bars. Visit the white sand beaches of Lodo and Saleccia. The beaches are proximate to vineyards. So, you can enjoy a glass of wine while basking on the sun. For fun lovers, the beaches are a good place for diving activities.  


Ajaccio or Ajax is another place you should never miss to visit while in Corsica. This town is the birthplace of Napoleon. Also, it is the capital city of Corsica. The city has many attractive and beautiful streets. You will have a chance to shop on the different markets across the city’s streets. Also, it has superb buildings and monuments that offers a perfect photo scenery.

For charming moments, tour the Napoleon’s house. If time allows, you should visit the Fesch museum and Cathedral.  Conclude your tour at the port where you can enjoy a nice treat of fresh seafood.  

Désert des Agriates

Do you want to go back in times? Sometimes, you may want to reflect back to pre-civilization moment. A time where there were no tarmac or electricity. The Désert des Agriates is the nice place to experience the past decades before civilization. This desert has Mediterranean shrubs and other arid vegetation. There are no tarmac in roads or modern structures. So, while here, you will be in an encounter with the pre-civilization life.

As you can see, there are amazing place to visit in Corsica. Your moments should not be boring. The area offers you a chance to enjoy dishes and drinks as well as relaxing your mind at the desert and the beaches.